If you want to explore the life of entrepreneurs from the comfort of your couch, then there are some great movies to help you do that. From fiction to documentaries, these movies all hold some truth to what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

  • FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened—this is a documentary about the disastrous Fyre Music Festival. The festival was meant to be an exclusive event for celebrities and social media influencers. Instead, it turned into a disaster that left attendees stranded on an island with sub-par accommodations and little food.
  • Steve Jobs—Steve Jobs may always be The Entrepreneur that people use as a benchmark. This movie chronicles the early years and how he was fired from Macintosh. He then launched NeXT Inc. and released a computer model in 1988. 1999 finds him back at Apple and poised to revolutionize the industry. If you need a reminder that there are failures behind every legendary success, this is the movie for you.
  • The Pursuit of Happyness–This movie is the ultimate rags to riches tale. This heartwarming story tells the story of a single father who loses his job and finds himself homeless with his young son. He lands an unpaid internship at a prestigious brokerage firm while living in shelters with his son. His struggle to success should inspire anyone worried about what a leap into entrepreneurship will bring.
  • com— A documentary that examines the startup GovWorks. Despite 60 million in investor capital, it fell victim to the dotcom bust.  It is also a cautionary tale about friendship and business.
  • Wall Street—no list about entrepreneurial movies could be complete with a nod to this iconic fictional tale. The film explores what happens when someone pushes past their limit in the pursuit of power. The plot also shows what can happen to young minds carried away with the luxury and indulgences of finding wealth at an early age.
  • Rogue Trader—based on the true story of the man who single-handedly brought down the Barings Bank. At the time, this was the largest bank in England. If you think wealth and power make you indispensable, then this is a movie that you need to watch.

The movies explore different themes directly related to being an entrepreneur. Some are cautionary tales, and others are pure inspiration.  Binge-watch them all and determine what lessons you learn.


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